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 Introducing The 2015  Line of Panther Bat Rolling Machines

Panther  Xtreme Fusion

The  2015 Panther Xtreme Fusion Bat Rolling Machine
10 Years in Development
  • Welded Steel Construction – Built Panther Tuff !!!
  • Proprietary Plastics Used in Roller
  • Duo-Core Construction Technology
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Industries Best Customer Service

The Panther 2015 Xtreme Fusion — Built Panther Tuff!
When Only The Best Is Good Enough!
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2015 Panther 500

The 2015 Panther 500 Semi Pro Bat Rolling Machine
Team – Individual Machine
  • Welded Steel Construction – Built Panther Tuff !!!Second list item
  • Industries Best Customer Service
  • Extended Warranty
  • Huge Improvements for 2015
The 2015 Panther 500 Semi – Pro Bat Rolling Machine.


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2015 Panther 250

The 2015 Panther 250  Bat Rolling Machine
Individual Machine
  • Welded Steel Construction – Built Panther Tuff !!!Second list item
  • Industries Best Customer Service
  • Improvements for 2015
The 2015 Panther 250 Bat Rolling Machine  Individual Model


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Panther Elite Electric

The Panther Elite Electric – 2015

Professional Electric Rolling Machine

  • Panther Xtreme Fusion Machine
  • High End Electric Gear Motor
  • Steel Tube Frame W/ Electics
  • As Easy As Throwing a Switch
  • Turn Key
The 2015  Elite Electric Professional Bat Rolling Machine

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Panther Bat Rolling Services

Bat Rolling Services

The Panther Bat Rolling Service –  PPP System
Our State of the Art 2 machine Bat Rolling System “
  • All Bats are Rolled by Dave – The Bat Doctor
  • Use our P-P-P Two Machine Rolling Process
  • Bats Ship Back Within 24 Hours
  • All Bats are Returned Hot and Game Ready
  • Best Customer Service in the Industry
  • Bat Breakage Guarantee

Please watch our videos.

What is PPP … Parallel – Perpendicular -Parallel

We roll parallel 1st , followed by  perpendicular and then parallel again.  We repeat this process until each and every bat is 100% broken in.

Have Your Bats “Panthered” by Dave – The # 1 Bat Doctor in the Industry

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Free Bat Return Special

This is a current off season special!
This offer may be pulled without warning.
How it Works:
  • Click the More Information Button Below
  • Purchase more then 1 bat rolling service
  • Check out as a guest
  • We only charge for return on 1 Bat
  • The rest of the  bats are returned for free (at our expense)
It is just that simple !
Why Would We Do This?
We know you are going to absolutely love these bats once you get them back, and you will be a customer for a lifetime.  We want to serve you and this is small  way we can do just that.
We are using a 2 machine process  for all bat rolling.  It consists of our Panther Elite Bat Rolling Machine to roll on the parallel and then we use our Panther Xtreme Fusion Bat Rolling Machine to roll on the perpendicular.   Please read more from the more information button below.
Have Your Bats “Panthered” by Dave – The Bat Doctor

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Bat Rolling Questions

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Please Ship All Bats To Be Rolled Or Shaved To :

Panther Machines

21615 E Euclid Ave

Otis Orchards Wa








Videos & Information


Bat Rolling Video Guide

Watch The Video For The Truth on Bat Rolling
  • 98 % of All Internet Bat Rolling Videos are Incorrect
  • Watch Video on The Right and You Decide
  • We Strive to Always Bring You the Truth
  • Please Read  Our FAQ Section for Other Bat Rolling Questions
  • Heated Bat Rolling … We have the Answers on That Subject Also

At Panther Machines we respect all of our customers.
We do not spin the truth just to sell you a machine or service.
We believe our customers should be enlightened in all areas.
Once informed , you are able to make a decision that  best serves  your needs.

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Panther Machines Manufacturing Company

In the world of Bat Rolling Machines and Bat Rolling Services, one name continues to stand alone.  Panther Machines is the global leader in the manufacturing, marketing and sales of Bat Rolling Machines and Bat Rolling Services. We have been in business for 10  years and we are heads above our competition in the development and sales of our machines and our services.

We build the best machines on the planet and we know how to get the most out of them with our rolling services.  We are also industry leader in bat shaving and the sales of new and pre-shaved and  pre-rolled bats.   Our customer service is impeccable.  If you need to talk to Dave (The Bat Doctor)  Then call, email or text us.  We have built our business one customer at at time … and we want to make you or next satisfied customer.

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