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About Us

Panther Machines Manufacturing Company

Panther Machines is located in Washington State.  We engineer, manufacture and market bat rolling machines under the Panther ® brand name, as well as related parts and accessories.

We market product though our website as well at through a network of independent bat rolling companies throughout the contiguous United States and Canada and World Wide.  The Panther ® brand name is the most widely recognized and respected name in the industry in bat rolling, bat shaving, and bat rolling machines.

With over 45 years of engineering, manufacturing, and plant management experience, the founder of Panther Machines are uniquely positioned to offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.  Our passion for sports, coupled with our drive for excellence, has led to the development of a better bat rolling machine.  At Panther Machines,  we are not living in the past, were perfecting the future.

Customer Service is at the forefront of everything we do.  We believe in our customers and your needs.  By better serving you, we will produce a better product.  Our name stands alone in the industry and will continue to do so  We will go the extra  mile with you to insure that your needs are met.  At the Panther, satisfying the customer truly is job one.  We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.