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Bat Rolling – How We Roll

Panther Machines :

Panther Machines has been building the finest bat rolling machines on the planet.  We have pushed the cutting edge for years and years.  But we are more then that.  Not only do we build the best machines … but we feel we offer the best Bat Rolling Services also.

At Panther Machines we roll hundreds and hundreds of bats every year.   We also are connected with and service all the top bat rollers in the country.

Our knowledge base is second to none when you consider that we live and breath bat rolling and bat rolling machines.  That is what we do.   This is not our secondary business …. it is our only business!

  • We Build The Machines And We Know How To Get The Most Out Of Our Machines
  • We Roll Hundreds And Hundreds Of Bats Every Year
  • We Service All Of The Top Bat Rollers In The Country
  • We Are Always Seeking To Improve How We Roll

How We Roll :

We use a 2 machine bat rolling system that is second to none … and we know how to get the most out of this system !

  • We Heat All Bats To Room Temp   (70 to 80 Degrees)
  • Why We Do Not Heat Beyond Room Temperatures   (click on link for more info)
  • We Roll  All Bats Parallel First and Then Follow With Perpendicular And End With Parallel
  • We Roll With 2 Separate Machines – Our Panther Elite Electric and Our Panther Xtreme Fusion
  • We Increase Pressures in Very Small Increments

Dave … The Bat Doctor Rolls All The Bats

It is important to note that no bats are rolled by a rookie employee once bats are received here.

More Information About Bat Rolling :

Please take the time to watch our videos if you are still wondering if we are the bat rolling company for you.  We know that the bats you are sending us are extremely expensive.  We have built our reputation one customer at a time and we hope to make your our next.

We believe once you try us you will come back.  We are also hoping your will tell your friends and family about Panther Machines