Last Bat Rolling Machine Inventory Being Sold Now

Duo Core Technology


 Many Issues have arrived since the inception of bat rolling.


  • Bat Slippage
  • Flat Spots in the Bats
  • Spider Webbing
  • Bat Cracking

Panther Machines Manufacturing Co has worked long and hard on solving these issues.


Duo Core Technology


At the heart of our Panther Xtreme Fusion Bat Rolling Machine is the rollers we are using.

The rollers are manufactured in multiple stages.

The inner 2″  plastic is harder then the outer 1/4″ plastic.

The 2 plastics are then fused together.   This process is  out-sourced to the  the leading plastics manufacturer in the country.  Then we get  their finished product …  and machine it in-house to the specs needed for our Panther Xtreme Fusion Bat Rolling Machine.

This allows us to use  a Proprietary Material on the outer plastic that really grips and protects the bats and at the same time make a roller that does not flex much.

This  solves all of the issues in bat rolling … the process of making a duo-core plastic is  expensive … but then again the bats being rolled are  expensive … and need to be protected from damage.

The Panther Xtreme Fusion is the only machine of its kind and stands alone in the bat rolling machine industry.