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Heated Bat Rolling

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At Panther Machines

We do heat bats before rolling them  for 1 reason and 1 reason only.  We live in a colder climate and  do not roll cold bats.   Just like you do not want to hit a  composite bat in 30 to 40 degree weather … the same holds true about rolling them.

Our answer (in winter months)  we do heat the bats to room temperatures before preforming any bat rolling service.  By doing this we ensure  a good roll without damaging the bats.


We Do Not:
  • Heat beyond 85 to 90 degrees … we normally roll all bats around 75 to 80 degrees
  • Advertise and our charge extra for heated bat rolling


Why we do not heat bats to high temps before rolling:

Bats are rolled to loosen up the fibers.  This happens naturally and or by rolling the bat in a bat rolling machine.  This gives it a trampoline effect once loosened.

This trampoline effect will add more distance to the flight of the ball.

It is common knowledge that a bat that is well seasoned will be hotter then a bat that is new out of the wrapper.

When you heat a bat too hot,  you are warming the glues (laminates).  The heat causes the glues to stretch when rolled.   Once the bat cools down,  goes back to where it was before the heating process.  You have gained nothing.


Even more critical:

If you roll a heated bat on the perpendicular (which adds more pressure)  you can leave flats spots in the bat.  The reason is the bat is a lot more flexible because of the heated up glues (100 degrees or above) .  Once the bat cools the flat spots can take a permanent set and become nearly impossible to remove.  I have seen (heard) this happening on multiple occasions.

We do have several warming ovens and for that reason I have no reason not to warm them … unless I strongly believed in what I am saying here.


Please check our bat rolling services to see how we roll.

How We Roll


Dave – The Bat Doctor