Bat Rolling Services

Panther rolled bats are Hot!

  • All Bats are rolled by Dave – The Bat Doctor
  • All bats are rolled with a 2 machine Panther exclusive rolling process
  • All bats shipped back within 24 hours (98 percent of the time – weekends excluded)
  • All Bats are returned hot and game ready
  • We have the best customer service in the industry

Panther Exclusive Bat Rolling Process

Please watch our videos.  We roll parallel 1st … and then perpendicular and then parallel … and repeat this process until each and every bat is 100% broken in.

I believe most all the videos are incorrect in their approach to bat rolling.  Some, if not most videos are dangerously wrong and  should not be followed.  Since we sell machines as well as roll bats, we do not spin the truth.

At Panther machines we build the best bat rolling machines on the planet and we know how to get the most out of them.

Panther Machines … A Name You Can Trust !


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Product Description

I may not be the cheapest Bat Rolling Service … But I am by far the Best !!!

In the World of Bat Rolling 1 name continues to stand alone!

  • We Build the best machines on the planet
  • We know how to get the maximum rolling out of our machines
Our Bat Rolling Services:
  • We Start by using the best machines ever built – our Panther Elite Electric and our Panther Xtreme Fusion
  • We use a Panther exclusive 2 machine process
  • We roll – package and ship bats within 24 hours
  • We ship using USPS priority … which gets back to you in 2-3 days (depending on part of country)
  • We guarantee the bats will be hot

When we say we know how to roll … we know how to roll

Bat Rolling has progressed over the years … but it is our belief that most all ways of rolling are not totally correct.  That is not totally correct until now.

Our Bat Rolling and Massaging System is taking bat rolling to a whole new level.

These Bats are hot!


 A Personal Message From Dave – The Bat Doctor


All Bats Are Rolled By Me (Dave The Bat Doctor)!

I do not have my co-workers or my wife or a high school student or anyone else rolling your $300 to $500 bats.  I personally roll all bats that come in.

I have rolled thousands and thousands of bats. I have perfected our latest bat rolling techniques and services.  My new 2015 Bat Rolling System is the greatest that has ever existed.  Within a short amount of time others will jump on board and make their claims.

I use a 2 machine process which you will see in the photos on this page and also the videos.  You will notice that my hand machine is welded to a table.  It is in my rolling system to stay … so I skipped the bolting just welded it solid.

Some bats I have to go between the 2 machines several times until I get the total break in.

I start out in small increments and increase pressures slowly on the my electric machine.  When I get to about the 3/4 break in area of the bat, I go to my hand perpendicular machine and use a massage treatment on the bats.  I now can push the bats to the maximum break in without leaving any flat spots on the bats.

Please Note

I do not roll on the perpendicular first, followed by parallel.

This is  wrong and backwards to how bats should be rolled.  Any time you roll on the perpendicular first, you can and will leave flat spots on the bats, running up and down the face of the bats.

I loosen the bats up by bat rolling on the parallel first and taking it to 3/4 of the break in level.  Now that the fibers in the bat are loosened up, I can safely roll on the perpendicular and really liven the bats up.  Once this is accomplished I finish with a thorough roll on the parallel (elite electric machine).

Some bats I need to go back and forth several times … massaging them (if you will) until I reach their absolute maximum hitting potential.  This is the latest rolling method (which is 100% invented by me) and it is how I roll all bats.

I use our new system of bat rolling  exclusively … and I also know just how far to take the bats.

Please watch my new videos on bat rolling and you will realize that finally … a video that makes sense.  I know what I am doing.


Panther Machines




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